Abi Page shared this picture of an OldCountryBot inspired by the Small Robots site

“My very own hand drawn OldCountryBot for the office wall – thanks @smolrobots !! “

The Map Project by ECA Illustrators

The Cat Sith by Julia Rowe is an A4 print. The illustration depicts the mythological ‘king of cats’, a spectral cat that haunts the highlands! It could be a fairy, it could be a witch – but if you’re a lone traveller you may just spot this creature of Scottish folklore. But be wary if it tries to lure you off the path, the people of the Scottish highlands never have trusted this cat!

Tom Armitage drew our attention to this amazing collection of Maps in the Wild by young illustrators at the Edinburgh College of Art

“Some wonderful and wonderfully weird map art from the @eca_edinburgh on show @RedDoor_Gallery.

#Edinburgh and #maps have a long history together, great to see this continue in so many forms.

There is some outstanding work there

Nail Art

Mark Saffran shared this Instagram (from esri?)

Those nails must have taken some time to paint. I wonder if they were a special effort for the esri user conference which will be running around now?

This is dedication to mappery beyond the norm.

Silk maps (and boats)

David Overton has an understandable interest in fabric maps since that is what his business Splashmaps make. He was recently at the University Library in Cambridge viewing their maps collection when he stumbled on these incredible silk European nautical maps complete with instructions on how to build your own raft (presumably if you got shipwrecked or shot down).

“Got very snap happy there ;-). No doubt a blog is a-brewing.. sneak preview? This combined one had full european silk sea charts PLUS instructions on building your raft! From #ministryofwar #ww2 #genius!”

We need more pictures like this please

Toilet map

Is that a river?

Gregory Marler spotted these maps above the urinals while …

“I just spotted the Mappery website. What a great and understandable idea.

I attach and image of a map in a toilet. It’s always exciting to take a break from a mapping event and find a map. If I find them, I think I have a collection of photos showing maps in WCs. Sometimes it’s not possible/appropriate to get a snap of the map.

This one is from the Faraday Wharf building on Innovate Birmingham campus. The building hosted the post-SotM hackathon and the internet connection couldn’t cope with so many map fans.”


Australia in a puddle

Australian puddle

Thanks to Ross McDonald for pointing us at this Australian puddle spotted in Somalia by a member of the Australian Defence Force. The image originally appeared on the ADF web site (see here on the WayBackMachine) and more recently on GeoLounge who said

Cartocacoethes was a term first coined by John Krygier from the Making Maps blog to describe a mania, uncontrollable urge, compulsion or itch to see maps everywhere.
The cartographic equivalent to seeing Jesus in burnt toast, the terminology is a concatenation of the greek word for map (khartes) and cacoethes, a Greek word meaning “an irresistible urge to do something inadvisable.”


This one may be up there with “the elephant’s ear” in our all time best Maps in the Wild