Bogus map t-shirt

Dave Lovell, who is competing for the Maps in the Wild Contributor of the Year Award, sent us this map on a t-shirt from the D-Day Story museum (more to follow).

The ‘Bogus’ map being really ‘on the wild side’, names have been switched and it’s got the highest security rating apparently – Bigot.

According to the 90th Division Association:

BIGOT was a code word within a code word, a security classification beyond Top Secret. When planners adopted Neptune as the code word for the naval and amphibious aspects of the invasion, they realized that greater protection had to be given to any document or map that even hinted at the time and place of D-Day. They chose the odd code word BIGOT by reversing the letters of two words—To Gib—that had been stamped on the papers of officers going to Gibraltar for the invasion of North Africa in November 1942.

Mickey Globe

Caitlin Dempsey sent us this rubbery globe

“Mickey recognizes New Zealand”

Which prompted a couple of carto-purist responses

“Where is Bali and Lombok?”

“How about Java…? Indonesia is reduced to only 3 islands?”

You just can’t please some people