Hotel Room, Tbilisi

Monika Swiderska sent this:

“I finally managed to excavate a pic from the summer 2017 when I visited Tbilisi, Georgia.My hotel had a map of the city on the wall. I was absolutely delighted and my inner mapper was screaming in joy! Holidays and more maps… what else do you need?”

Who could argue?

Interactive Map Card

I’m at a loss as to who sent me this pic of an interactive map card that they stumbled upon, I hope they will remind me.

This is a brilliant gift card, pull the tab at the top to select one of the major cities and the card displays the distance to each of the remaining cities. One could speculate on why York and Newcastle get precedence over Leeds, or Plymouth and Dover over Bristol?

Fair Maps

I think Mark Iliffe sent me this pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger promoting his Fair Maps campaign. Having taught a workshop with Jeremy Morley on redistricting, I know how easy it can be to influence electoral outcomes through the maps that we draw. In the England we have the Boundary Commission to set political boundaries, in the USA the process seems to much more politicised.

Snakes and ladders

Simon Navin shared these pics from a conference centre in Marylebone, central London.

Always nice to see an @OrdnanceSurvey map greet me at a meeting…as well as another icon #tubemap 

Also, the handrail on the OS map looks like some kind of amazing slide you can hop on between Maida Vale and Burgess Park…

Looks like a mappy form of snakes and ladders to me.

Islas Galapagos

Liam Mason sent me this lovely map of the Galapagos Islands which his girl friend spotted when she was exploring Isabela Island.

I know that the purists amongst our readers may protest that this is not a map in the wild but it is covered in wild animals, birds and fishes. Anyway, how many of us have visited the Galapagos?