Truckin’ wall

Now I am very unsure about this one. De Grommende Trucker (the growling trucker) shared this with the following message.

“Geïnspireerd door @MapsintheWild mijn eigen #boekenenkaarteninhetwild”

which means
“Inspired by @MapsintheWild my own #book and cards in the wild”

I guess if we inspired the truckers wall in this pic then we can just about call it a Truckin’ Map in the Wild.

Semana Santa

Angharad Stone has to be one of our most innovative contributors, she roams the world spotting Maps in the Wild and has a back up stock of “objets cartographique” in her wardrobe and apartment, just in case.

Angharad spotted this weird map advertising Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville.

Possibly the most unusual @MapsintheWild I have come across. Was a poster for this year’s Holy Week in Seville, found in an old style bodega called Casa Moreno (7 Calle Gazamo). The rest of the bodega looked like this “

Shetland on a bottle not in a box

Tom Armitage pointed us to this tasty looking gin bottle snapped by Dan Harris before he cracked it open in lockdown desperation.

“Nice bit of map based packaging on this @ShetlandReelGin bottle of rhubarb & bramble we’re about to tuck into. Almost a shame to break into it, but we’re under quarantine & needs must.”

Apparently Shetland Reel Gin is surprisingly fruity and goes to your head fast. Just what we all need.

Hotel Petaluma

Cartonaut sent me this pic of the map at the entrance to the Hotel Petaluma in Petaluma (surprise!) California.

“Nice local place names on this.

This is the front entrance to the lobby of Hotel Petaluma in Petaluma, CA. Near the center of old town. Adjacent to the entrance is an oyster bar & a wine bar. The map is approximately 10 years old, hand painted”