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Nikko on a Shopping Bag

Maarten Pullen sent me this picture of a shopping bag with a map of Nikko, Japan.

“Yesterday I stumbled upon a plastic bag from Nikko, Japan, with several tourist spots on it.  I wrote a little blog post (in Dutch, but can be translated) about the background of the map

Here is a rough translation of the first part of Maarten’s blog post:

“For some time now I have been following Maps in the Wild, a collective that collects maps for aesthetic purposes in the broadest form. The core idea is that printed maps have less functional use thanks to digitization and are therefore used more for aesthetic reasons.

Or it’s just an excuse to collect a lot of eye-catching cards, which is also a good idea in my opinion.

A plastic bag from Japan came from the attic. And suddenly I realized that you can also translate it. And it also turned out to have a schematic map, showing, among other things, a bridge, temples, a ski resort and a waterfall (or Onsen?).

I got the bag in 2010 in Nikko, Japan”

And that is a perfect Map in the Wild! Thanks Maarten

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