Meta Map

Sometimes a Map in the Wild is just so so right and this one from our friends at Ordnance Survey is one of those. Hats off to them for this beautiful creation.

We held a map amnesty and people sent in their old maps in exchange for vouchers. Before reusing or recycling them, we couldn’t stop ourselves making a map of Britain out of old maps


Dave Murray spotted this gear shift on a recreation of an early E-Type Jaguar

Jaguar celebrates E-Type’s 60th anniversary by rebuilding 2 of the earliest examples | ToastMagazineThe Jaguar E-Type has turned 60 and to celebrate Jaguar has built recreations of two of the earliest examples. The originals are the cars registered as “9600 HP” and “77 RW” that Jaguar used for the E-Type’s launch in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 15, 1961