Tri-State on a truck

Amanda Murphyao sent us this logo from the side of a truck

“Saw this one on a truck yesterday and it always makes me laugh because Illinois is HUGE, Indiana is covered up, and the Upper Peninsula is just… gone. #Mapsinthewild

I’ve attached a google map with a sloppy yellow highlight of the area featured. Although the UP (Upper Peninsula) wanted to secede and form its own state anyhow, so the trucking service probably doesn’t go up there.”

Thanks for the explanation of the missing part of Michigan!

Early Mountain Vineyards

One friend Tom Smedley who twitters as Army Map Guy sent us these wine filled maps from the Early Mountain Winery

I love the chalk shading on the Virginia map, hopefully even Ken will approve of this blackboard work.

“Yep- #maps 🗺 and #wine 🍷From macro (Va) to micro (the vineyards and farm). Check out the label- it’s the topo of the property with the icon showing the tasting room.”

So here is that hill relief wine label – never mind the wine, feel the label!



The world’s largest map

Dave Lovell sent us this pic of the world’s largest map being unveiled in Dubrovnik in October 2007.

This map of Dubrovnik-Neretva County is is 11m wide and 6m high, it is made up from 40 1:25k sheets enlarged to a scale of 1:15k. Is that the largest in the world? I am not sure, the America Latina map is pretty massive and might be its equal (although it is pained not printed). The Guinness Book of Records awarded the map a certificate  as the world’s largest printed map.

You can read more about this mega map in the paper by Ivan Landek, Igor Vilus and Ivan Grubić of the State Geodetic Administration, Croatia

The world in pieces (with a few bits missing)

People are often saying that “the world is falling apart” but with this jigsaw, that literally is the case.

My wife loves a jigsaw and she trawls charity shops for old jigsaws which she then shares with her mates. We always have a jigsaw on the go on our dining room table. A couple of months ago she found this old Victory wooden jigsaw which we have been saving to do over the holidays. Imagine the horror when we discovered that someone had removed all of the edge pieces! Go figure?

The box dates the jigsaw as 1972 but I think the map is somewhat earlier given the amount of Imperial Pink on the map.

Anyone got an earlier version of this jigsaw or another jigsaw map?

Happy New Year

Hogmanay map of Scotland

Torchlit map of Scotland

The BBC reported that

Hundreds of torch bearers have created a huge map of Scotland to mark the start of Edinburgh’s three-day Hogmanay festival.
Thousands of people snaked their way down the Royal Mile and past the Scottish Parliament to Holyrood Park where the outline of Scotland was lit up.
At least 20,000 participants and 20,000 spectators turned out for the huge procession.

I love the way the numbers grow paragraph by paragraph 🙂

Is that BNG or Web Mercator? (image credit Peter Sandground)

Now that really has to be the best Map in the Wild of 2018! Thanks to Abi Page for sending me the link just before Edinburgh went into Hogmanay frenzy.

Mexican road sign

This is a beauty (and a first timer for me) – a road sign map at the side of a motorway (well the Mexican equivalent) on the road from Mexico City to Oaxaca. Much more fun than our boring green or blue schematics.

That’s my last post of 2018 and just about the end of my “Mexican Series”. Loads more maps to share in 2019.

Lienzo de Zapatec

This is a reproduction of a 19th C map used to resolve a land ownership dispute, we found it in the Anthropological Museum (spectacular) in Mexico City.

“The original canvas was used by the people in 1892 as part of a lawsuit over lands. Until 1933 it was in the file of the Ministry of Agriculture and Development. The original is housed in the National Library of Anthropology and History. It is painted on fabric achieved in waist loom and measures 3.25 by 2.25 meters.”