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Via Reinder Storm

A sheet from a Dutch #poetry calender. Poem by Riekus Waskowsky (translated into English by yours truly); illustration by Milja Praagman. 


and when you leave …

rain, rain is coming,

storm blows sand

over the roads,

one should protect one’s eyes.

frightened birds swarm

over the land.

the sky is black.

… say slowly:

I love rain.

I love storm.

I am not afraid. 

Riekus Waskowsky (1932-1977)

Tapestry of the World

This 6m x 2m tapestry map is hanging at Heathrow Airport – one more reason to want to fly out of the UK. Via Reinder Storm

Handmade from recycled wool, this tapestry of the #world is incredible; handmade by Vanessa Barragão, with ancestral techniques such as latch hook, crochet and felt. The piece took Barragão and her team more than 520 hours to weave.

Trashure Hunt

TrashUre Hunt in #Scheveningen brings environmental problems to the attention of the public in an accessible, effective and fun way.  Litter is hunted with groups of children, teenagers and adults in various game forms 

Via Reinder Storm


Via Reinder Storm

“SPACE is a 90 meters long wall artwork that creates a new dimension of light & space at Eindhoven Central Station by using 3D lenses. It shows the impact of light on our planet and creates a place of wonder.”