Map on a wall

This map is painted on a wall next to a petrol station in Redlands CA. Originally painted in the 1950s and recently restored. I pass it almost every day and love it. What particularly impresses me is that it’s right reading. When you’re stood looking at the wall you’re pretty much facing east. So the map is oriented that way too. East is at the top. You look left and see the mountains and that’s north. Any map in a public space should be oriented correctly. North is not always up!

The Mappery logo

The nugget of the idea for Mappery occurred to us (well, Steven actually) during our Safari in Tanzania in 2018 (see About). But what’s a blog or website without a logo? It seemed obvious to me. We were seeing literally hundreds of magnificent elephants during our trip. Herds of them or parades of them if you prefer…I like thinking of the collective noun as a parade of elephants. And some, extremely close up. And, of course, the elephant is, to our knowledge, the only animal whose form mirrors its location. African elephants’ ears are roughly shaped like the continent of Africa. The smaller Indian elephant also has geo-located ears that mirror its range. They are shaped like the country of India itself.


So the Mappery logo was born – a rough, hand drawn logo of an African elephant to honour the magnificent animals we witnessed on safari, with the shape of Africa for its ears.