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This is where the idea for Mappery started

The idea for Mappery came to us when we were on a safari in Tanzania on route to FOSS4G 2018. We stumbled upon quite a few maps “in the wild” good, bad and hilarious and we were feverishly sharing them with our friends and followers via our Mastodon and Twitter accounts.

What’s a Map in the Wild? It’s a map in a real life context, a sign, a poster, an object, perhaps quirky, perhaps unexpected. What it isn’t is a screen grab from a web site, the output from a GIS or similar. Context is everything and the more bizarre the better.

We thought there might be some fun to be had by sharing some of our favourites with you and encouraging you to look out for some Maps in the Wild and share your favourites with us. Send us a picture of a Map in the Wild to “maps at mappery dot org” along with a couple of sentences explaining the context and why you like it (we assume that if you send it to us you have given us permission to publish it, for more info see our Privacy page).

The Authors

Steven Feldman

The co-founder

Kenneth Field

The co-founder (semi-retired as an author but sending us a huge amount of material)

Arnaud Ferrand

Software engineer by trade, geo geek by choice. Love to travel and climb rocks. Luckily I did two GIS projects and moved to Esri because I just wanted to work with maps, later moved to the UK and jumped into the startup world. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was the CTO of a fintech startup, missing maps a bit during my daily work, hence lucky to become an author of Maps in the Wild.

Dan Ormsby

First job during my school holidays was in the Map Library at the Royal Geographic Society in London – at the time one of the best map collections in the world. Having been a mappery fan for a while, I’m now enjoying contributing as an author.

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