The Underground Railroad

Dave Lovell pointed out this tapestry map illustrating the routes used to smuggle slaves to Canada in the 19th century. It is part of the massive Quaker Tapestry in Kendall.

After Britain abolished slavery in British colonies, Canada became a safe haven for escaping American slaves. The ‘Underground Railroad’ was set up to help them: the homes of sympathisers were known as ‘stations’, and people helping them as ‘conductors’. The main ‘lines’ are shown in red on the map.  Look at the bottom for the children’s depiction of escaping slaves hiding from soldiers.

Go to work on an egg

Silke Voigts shared this pic of an eggbot

The company that lent us the eggbot, a pen robot that paints on round surfaces, is working with maps and so they made us promise to paint an easter egg world 🙂

A wanderer’s exploration of the English Lake District

Spotted by Dave Lovell

We’ve been avid fell-walkers most of our lives and unsurprisingly, the idea to produce this data visualisation came to us while wandering the mountains of the English Lake District together. Unable to find a suitable artwork that would allow us to record and display our ascents of the Wainwright classification of mountains, we were inspired to create our own.

Secret map and compass pencil

Dave Lovell spotted these crafty pencils with escape route maps inserted into the pencil barrel from WW2

“I was particularly interested in the Maps for POWs secreted inside pencils. I wonder whether this cunning plan, expertly implemented led to any successful escapes. Maps were essential to the war effort on all sides of the conflict. and