Recycling maps into envelopes

Reinder Storm shared these beautiful envelopes which recycle old maps.

“In a local thrift shop in #Scheveningen, they sell envelopes that are made of … #maps”

There are a whole range of ways to recycle maps, we have had a few here in the last couple of years (pen pots, tables, dresses to name a few) but are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Keramieken Kaart van Delft

My good friend Erik Meerburg and Hans van der Kwast pointed me at the magnificent Ceramic Map of Delft that has recently been unveiled. These pics are from Erik

“Got a nice new map in the wild for you, the Keramieken Kaart van Delft (Ceramic Map of Delft). It is based on the 17th century map of Delft by Frederik de Wit, and made with the public, in a fairly large number of public participation workshops over the last two years. A couple of weeks ago the mayor of Delft added the last piece to it as opening act.”

The detail on this and the 3D buildings are just amazing.

This has to be one of the most unique Maps in the Wild that we have seen since we started a couple of years ago.

Here is a picture of Nan Deardorff-McClain, the designer/maker/project manager of this map which gives you a sense of the scale of the map and the 3D detail. You can view more of Nan’s work here.

Nan described the making of the map.

“A diverse group of about 500 participants worked together in a series of workshops to recreate a 17th century map of Delft of Frederik de Wit in ceramic and tiles. The resulting mosaic artwork is 18 square meters and features 1000 handmade ceramic elements and some interesting little references to modern-day Delft. It took 2 years from idea to unveiling to create.”

And one more pic just because I couldn’t resist and it also shows how massive this is.

Bomb Damage

Dave Lovell shared this map of bomb damage in part of London (including the Imperial War Museum) during the second war (seems to be a theme for Dave).

Taken at I was stuck by the meticulous care which must have gone into recording the location and state of damage. I could almost hear the sound of scrunching glass as those recording the details picked their way carefully through the damaged street and buildings. 

No thematic map would be complete without a legend

Bataille de Stonne

Dave Lovell sent me this map of Bataille de Stonne.

“Here is a map with Stonne in the Ardenes top centre. I took this whilst visiting to take photos for It’s one of a number of roadside historic panels, each also clearly marked on the map. The story describing the significance of this otherwise insignificant hamlet is here:

I’d be very happy if you were also mention “The Lamsdorf Long March Map“, it comes from a story map that I published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the return of POWs at the end of WWII. Despite 50 years in the geospatial domain, 40 at OS, this is the first map I can claim to have produced!”

I am grateful to Dave and others for their efforts to memorialise the heroes of the wars through maps and photographs. 50 years in geo and this is his first map, I’m sure Ken will have something to say about that!

Truckin’ wall

Now I am very unsure about this one. De Grommende Trucker (the growling trucker) shared this with the following message.

“Geïnspireerd door @MapsintheWild mijn eigen #boekenenkaarteninhetwild”

which means
“Inspired by @MapsintheWild my own #book and cards in the wild”

I guess if we inspired the truckers wall in this pic then we can just about call it a Truckin’ Map in the Wild.