Ken Field is fortunate to live in sunny California, sometimes it can get pretty hot there but he has the luxury of sipping a cold beer whilst watching the sun go down. His beer is sitting on top of a globe shaped fire-pit (not in use), I have sipped a beer around that fire-pit of an evening 🙂

Redwood Monopoly

This magnificent monopoly board of Redwood City, CA was spotted by the Ramsey Map Centre (HT Raf)

A map spotted in the wild in Redwood City, CA, helping people find the county services & buildings they need. Yes, it’s based on a Monopoly board, and yes, the “Go to Jail” square sends you to an actual jail

Africa – Toto

I love album covers, it used to be part of the excitement of getting a new album to drool over the covers in the record shop, open them up, read the sleeve notes and lyrics. That’s all gone now and I am showing my age.

Anyway, here’s a mappy record cover sent to us by Sam aka Carto81. I don’t remember Toto but I like their album cover.

Spice World

Ken Field, the co-founder of Mappery, has been pretty quiet on the site for the last year while he has been writing his second book through lockdown (more news on that soon hopefully) but he posted this packaging label to us. Not the most spectacular Map in the Wild but it’s nice to have Ken back on the site.

Americas Pool Table

Go figure how you play on this table or even why you would, let alone why someone made it, but you have to love it as a Map in the Wild. The pic comes via Geographic Mind (HT Raf)

Me pregunto si las bolas pueden pasar por el istmo de Panamá… 🤔

I wonder if the balls can pass through the Isthmus of Panama

I asked who had made it?

“All I know is that it was posted by the Geography & History Panamerican Institute (IPGH) via Facebook. What a masterpiece this is! Its creator should be named and awarded!”