A compass globe map thing

This compass (or is it a globe?) is in the entrance to Jaffa port. It shows the distance and direction of a series of cities from Tel Aviv/Jaffa. You stand looking out at the sea and can see many of the cities surrounding you. The top pic is taken facing the sea and the one below was taken from the other direction because it does a bit more detail.

I like the way that the city markers run off the edge of the map and are embedded in the tiles surrounding it. The last two are Gibraltar and Tangiers.

Massive Tennessee state map

Raf sent us this pic of the Tennessee Map Plaza in Nashville

And another candidate for #mapsinthewild @StevenFeldman the giant state map of Tennessee, in Nashville (had to take a screenshot of Gmaps, no ground picture good enough) 

I think this is a fair candidate for waiving my principle of “no screenshots” but if anyone has a drone or fancies hanging from the bottom of a helicopter to get a closer up shot then do let me know.

Map chairs

Stan McShinsky sent us this pic of his Map Chairs

I decided to reupholster some chairs in my office with aerial imagery. I think it turned out great.
I just stumbled upon mappery.org and love it.

Well we were pretty chuffed (BritTalk for pleased) that he loves Mappery and we liked his chairs so we asked how he found the fabric in case any of our readers wanted to make there own Map Chair.

I uploaded the imagery to https://www.spoonflower.com/welcome and had it printed on the Eco Canvas fabric. They printed it and sent it to me really fast. There were several sites that offer that service and I ordered samples from them. SpoonFlower was the best quality and clarity for what I wanted. 

So now we will sit back and wait for more Map Chair pics and also a referral bonus from SpoonFlower 🙂

Truly a Map in the Wild

This weekend Ken Field and John Nelson came to us for lunch before their appearances at the ESRI UK user group event this week.

We went for a walk through Highgate Woods, jabbering about maps as we strolled. At some point I mentioned Ken’s recent 3D globe of riding sea levels, John hadn’t seen it so Ken whipped out his phone and demoed it in the middle of the woods. Truly a map in the wild!

It’s worth a look

All roads lead to Kimbo

Merryn Henderson sent us this stylish advert for Kimbo coffee

It’s an ad for a brand of coffee, at Bologna airport. Literally? “It all starts with ‘Kimbo’. All of the roads bring us the aromas…” but if we asked an ad agency to Anglicise it, we’d get something like: “Every journey brings you home, to the coffee you know best: Kimbo…”