Scrabble Map in Hebrew

We are in Tel Aviv for a few weeks and I spotted this in a small photographic exhibition. It’s a map of Israel with the countries of origin of some of the main immigrant communities laid out in scrabble pieces on top of the map – Iran, France, Spain, Norway, Russia, Morocco, Iraq, Poland and Yemen.

The artist explains:

Little Manhattan

Little Manhattan, 2007-2009 – Yutaka Sone

“Marble is a medium of choice for the artist, and his virtuosity with the classical stone is evident in his meticulously rendered, impossibly elegant sculptures of cityscapes and highways. Little Manhattan—exhibited in Sone’s most important exhibition to date, a 2011 solo show at David Zwirner Gallery—is a landscape of the island metropolis carved out of a 2.5-ton block of marble that scales the Empire State building down to the size of a child’s finger and still manages to retain every bit of detail. Sone’s work forces the viewer to confront this iconic landscape in new ways—seen from overhead, laid out in pristine white marble, New York City seems considerably more placid. “

This pure beauty was brought to our attention by @zippyman818 following our post: Topographical Map Carved from Electrical Tape by Takahiro Iwasaki