Bench in Leiden

October, 3rd is the city’s main celebration, as it was liberated from the Spanish (yes, it was a few years ago). The keys are the main part of the city’s coat of arms. Couldn’t tell you who the person in blue is, but the map of the city centre is obvious, including the “you are sitting here” marker.

Erik from the geo-academie (NL)

LEGO series begins

This is a pure coincidence, we have some Maps in the Wild scheduled in a few days and weeks featuring the well known brick-based game/art with LEGO. As there are a lot of passionate fans about Maps and LEGO, the pictures came in number this year.

Today LEGO launch its new product: a World Map in 2D with 11,695 elements which become the largest set ever by numbers of pieces.

2D is OK, but our co-founder Kenneth Field built a globe in 3D. So let’s begin the series with this one

Spice World

Ken Field, the co-founder of Mappery, has been pretty quiet on the site for the last year while he has been writing his second book through lockdown (more news on that soon hopefully) but he posted this packaging label to us. Not the most spectacular Map in the Wild but it’s nice to have Ken back on the site.