Belgium is full of beers

Michael Stuyts created this great image when I was having a conversation with my pals on the FOSS4G Europe organising committee. We were talking about the intersection of interest in maps and beer amongst some of the FOSS4G ambassadors and Michael wanted to get in on the fun.

@foss4ge @vcraciunescu @CodrinaI @MarkusNeteler @StevenFeldman I already booked my ticket for @foss4ge and would love to join the #foss4ge2020 beer ambassadors. 🍺🍺🍺

Legging it to Albuquerque

A beautiful piece of map tattoo art from Michael.

I know nothing about Albuquerque or Carlsbad except that Neil Young wrote a song about Albuquerque:

Well, they say

that Santa Fe

Is less than ninety miles away,

And I got time to roll a number

and rent a car.

Oh, Albuquerque.