Visiting Null Island

Here is my selfie contribution to the 3rd Anniversary!

These days, travelling is a bit more complex than it used to be, then, as a map-geek why not planning a virtual trip to Null Island! Luckily, when we were in Burkina Faso, we met a young artist and asked him to express his art on our car. The Gulf of Guinea is since then hardcoded on the rear of the bodywork. To complete this virtual trip, one needs to wear a Null Island tee-shirt. This one is using the sharp design from Ekta Daryanani.

Happy Anniversary and long live Mappery.

Man with a big Globe

For our 3rd anniversary, our co-founder Ken Field sent us this pic from the preparations for this year’s ESRI user conference. He said:

“Here’s a picture of me next to an 8.5ft diameter globe in our newest building on the Esri campus. One of my map buddies John Nelson was involved in designing the cartography as he explains in this blog. Feel free to get in touch if you’re near Redlands and I’ll give you a tour!”


This album cover came via Raf and Le Cartographe, it’s a beauty

Une couv’ d’enfer et un premier album qui date déjà de 2016 purement magnifique ! Pierre Chrétien et ses amis nous emmènent très très loin… (A hell of a cover and a first album which already dates from 2016 purely magnificent! Pierre Chrétien and his friends take us very, very far)


GetBetterBack is a back treatment product. Not really sure what or why. Apparently the users are on a journey to a better back with friends in 115 countries. You are invited to mark your location on the map on the back of the bag and share with @getbetterback.