Mark Safran sent us this pic along with a claim that it is the oldest Map in the Wild ever.

“I win the best #MapsInTheWild!!!!
Or maybe the oldest? Here is a petroglyph along the Colorado River in Utah clearly showing a map of the river!!! #maps #cartography #rivers #petroglyphs”

I think he may be correct!

A confession, I stopped at this site before we started Mappery and didn’t notice the map of the river because I was too busy looking at the figures!

Metal Contours

Andrew Newman sent me these laser cut metal contour maps created by Alison Counsell

Wapenmap are stainless steel sculptures. these designs, based on Ordnance Survey maps, are produced from flat sheets of meta; photo-etched with detailed geographical features.

The four reservoirs shown here were built in the 1860s when Sheffields population was rapidly expanding…

World beer map

This has to be one of my favourites. Beer, maps and humour – what’s not to like?

Reinder Storm sent us these pics from a bar in The Hague, Netherlands.

It does look as if New Zealand has been missed

If we were awarding a prize for the most outstanding Map in the Wild of 2020 this would have to be a candidate. Note to self: maybe we should?