Americas Pool Table

Go figure how you play on this table or even why you would, let alone why someone made it, but you have to love it as a Map in the Wild. The pic comes via Geographic Mind (HT Raf)

Me pregunto si las bolas pueden pasar por el istmo de Panamá… 🤔

I wonder if the balls can pass through the Isthmus of Panama

I asked who had made it?

“All I know is that it was posted by the Geography & History Panamerican Institute (IPGH) via Facebook. What a masterpiece this is! Its creator should be named and awarded!”

Map Couture

Abi Page pointed us at these stunning dresses made from mappy fabrics which appeared on Women’s Art site and twitter.

Susan Stockwell, Empire Dress, 2005, Victorian style dress made from maps of the British Isles to highlight issues of Colonialism, communication and global power relations #womensart