Where’s Wyoming?

This one comes from the Harvard Map Collection, from the 1989 series of Garfield & Friends.

Garfield hosts a TV show where he makes things up and says they are true.

Garfield claims that the state of Wyoming does not exist. In 1789, Arbuckle Vespucci, famous explorer, was working on his map of the United States and left out Alaska and Hawaii, which his cat put on. There was also one gap left out, and there were no more pieces. So the cat wrote in “Wyoming”, which was Italian for “no state here”.


The Map

Geke van de Kamp shared this.

“The Map” a digital live map of NYC. About geographical versus geometry, connection tot reality.

I am not sure whether it strictly qualifies as a Map in the Wild but at the end of a very stressful year it is very soothing.

Mappy New Year everyone


Paul Hardy shared this

Another candidate for maps in the wild – Village map on wall of bus shelter in the small village of Thorpe in Derbyshire, UK, at 53°03’04.5″N+1°46’09.7″W

Thorpe is one of the nearest villages to Dovedale, which is a favourite tourist spot in the White Peak area of the Derbyshire Dales – limestone country where deep green valleys cut into a limestone plateau.

I rather liked the map style – a good blend of art, accuracy, and communication.

I agree with Paul – this really is a lovely combination of art and cartography