Nixon in South East Asia

This one was spotted by Dave Lovell (again!)

“At the House of Illustration summer 2019. Nixon as a sinister bald eagle. Love it!”

The image is by Rene Mederos (1971)

In the early 1970s US military forces were engaged in conflict in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. To censure their actions, Rene Mederos transformed President Richard Nixon into a sinister bald eagle, plucking the flaming heart from mainland Southeast Asia


Dave Lovell shared these

“Found amongst the eclectic mix of objet d’art at Tan y Gader in Dolgellau. The house, which has been lovingly restored, was the town’s maternity home between 1939 and 1974. Records suggest that around half the town was born there!”

Bobbin Mills

Dave Lovell has been very active combing through his photo library (you’ll see several more from him over the next few weeks), he may even win a prize for his contributions, but then again he may not 🙂

“On the wall at Stott Mill Bobbin Park Nestled on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria, this extensive working mill produced literally millions of wooden bobbins vital to the Lancashire spinning and weaving industries. It is the only working bobbin mill left in the Lake District today.”

So be honest, who knew about bobbin mills?

Coniston Gondola

Another map from Dave Lovell’s travels.

“Coniston Gondola was taken on board currently closed, regrettably. This rebuilt Victorian steam-powered yacht will take you in style on Coniston Water. It allows you to enjoy the charm of luxury travel once only experienced by wealthy Victorians, in her opulent saloons or open-air decks.”

And I thought all the gondolas were in Venice.