Mappery For the love of maps

Cheers to Mappery’s birthday!

To mark Mappery’s birthday, Steven suggested we all post a special one!  Maps in the Wild often feature in drinks marketing on branded glasses, bottles of wine, or cans of beer.  There’s even

a beer from the Bristol Beer Factory which has got a map covering where I live, which I’m especially fond of (both the map and the beer that is!).

But for the Mappery Birthday post, I went for this one.  It is only on close inspection that you realise the map of the world is made up of probably a few hundred beer glasses each mounted to the wall on their own individual bracket.  I pity the poor soul who had the job of putting up those brackets.  I’m guessing they finished the work and treated themselves to a drink from the Panama Canal .. glass that is!  Its the only empty bracket!

Many thanks to Steven and Ken for creating Mappery and for all your hard work delivering a bit of fun to map fans around the world!  Mappy Birthday 🙂

Original credit: Geogoeroe who spotted it at the Chimay experience!

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