Map of the river Thames on a beer bottle

Derick Rethams @derickr sent us this beer label map

I found this map on a bottle of beer and decided it would be a great beer to have after finishing the Thames Path. It’s made by Hop Kettle based near the source of the Thames on Cricklade:

There are actually three different designs that when put next to each other show the whole length of the Thames.

Who would like to take  trip along the Liquid Highway? Maybe a Mappery outing for spring next year?

Hawaii bathymetry woodcut

Taken by Jeremy Wright at the Kona Inn, Kona on Hawaii (the big island) this is a large and spectacular three-dimensional map using planes of wood to form the bathymetry around the islands. You quite often see these sort of relief maps made by those with access to laser cutting technology but not normally at this size. Try telling me you don’t want this on your wall. You’d be lying!

Portland Earring

Michael Terner  sent me this pic of an earring which he tells me is based on part of the street network in Portland

Here’s a map of the Portland, Oregon street grid, including it’s numerous Willamette River crossings. The map is found on the earring of one of my 22 year old daughter’s roommates

Who knows? Anyone able to add labels?

Derby match in CDMX

My son’s friend Isaac took us to the Mexico City derby game between Club America and Cruz Azul at the Azteca Stadium, that’s the one where Maradonna scored his sensational goal against England in the 1970 World Cup and “the hand of God” also intervened on his behalf.

After the game I realised that my first Map in the Wild was there on Isaac’s Club t-shirt.

For football fans, the Estado Azteca is huge (87,000 capacity) and was pretty full for this top of the table match between two local rivals. The football wasn’t great (0-0) but the passion was massive (everyone was searched on entry and belts are banned!) and they served beers and pizza in the seats.

I thought that I would publish this football related map in the wild on the day that Arsenal play Tottenham (2 Dec 2018, Arsenal 4 – Tottenham 2)


Yet another pic from (as of now) our most prolific contributor Charles Kennelly.

“Map outside office in Kamakura Japan, my best guess is that it depicts underwater cable routes. I love the projection and the water caused discolouration that results from the projection.”

I look forward to the discussion between Charles and Ken on the virtues of this projection