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3.5 km subterranean beer pipeline

Beer pipeline

Sometimes a map in the wild is remarkable because of what it depicts, rather than the map itself.

The Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan (half moon brewery) right in the historic centre of Bruges, depicts the route of a 3.5 km crowd source funded beer pipeline that they built to transport beer underground to a bottling plant on the outskirts.

It was no longer sustainable for them to drive tankers into the centre of narrow cobbled streets to collect the beer without impacting the city, so instead of relocating, they built the beer pipe. Pipes in the reverse direction supply the brewery with its own supply of groundwater, rather than relying on mains water. There is even another separate water pipe that flushes the beer pipe periodically much like the landlord in your local would do! Brewery tour well worth a visit (especially the tasting at the end)!

Start of the beer pipeline!

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