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A clear run to the North Pole

Paul Hardy sent us this map of Norfolk (UK)

“If you are short of maps in the wild, here’s one from my last weekend visit to the north coast of Norfolk (UK, not US). This was in the Ship Inn at Brancaster at 52.963N, 0.638E – head North from there, and there is nothing between you and the North Pole! They do a nice pint of Adnam’s Ghost Ship though.
It’s Bryant’s map of 1826, published in six sheets at a scale of 10 miles to 12 inches, and showing ecclesiastical boundaries. Given that Norfolk is about 50 miles across, that’s about 5 foot square.
The photo was of the map on a wall in the back room of the Ship, used as a dining room. We are in the second full square of the top row.”

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