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A map laden tour of Olomouc

When Tom Armitage was in Olomouc in the Czech Republic he went on a mappy walk around the city centre (I’d like to think that was just to send us loads of pics but maybe not).

He said:

I have a short Maps in the Wild story for you here:

While on a @MapTiler team meeting in Olomouc, Czech Republic, we had a tour of the city and spotted a load of Maps in the Wild! Olomouc, pronounced “O-luh-moats”, has a great GIS course at its University, where many of MapTiler’s team studied.

The main square has many brass sculptures, including a beautiful map with dolphins rising out of the sea and a model of the town centre. There was also a giant inflatable globe there too!

There was a set of four stone pillars with maps of the gardens along the old city walls, which we visited, a rather faded map of the wine regions of the Czech Republic (I can highly recommend trying Czech wine if you haven’t already), and finally (and rather inexplicably) a map of the London Underground!?!!

Look out for the London Underground in another post, the remainder are here. Looks like Olomouc is a must visit city.

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