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Bataille de Stonne

Dave Lovell sent me this map of Bataille de Stonne.

“Here is a map with Stonne in the Ardenes top centre. I took this whilst visiting to take photos for It’s one of a number of roadside historic panels, each also clearly marked on the map. The story describing the significance of this otherwise insignificant hamlet is here:

I’d be very happy if you were also mention “The Lamsdorf Long March Map“, it comes from a story map that I published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the return of POWs at the end of WWII. Despite 50 years in the geospatial domain, 40 at OS, this is the first map I can claim to have produced!”

I am grateful to Dave and others for their efforts to memorialise the heroes of the wars through maps and photographs. 50 years in geo and this is his first map, I’m sure Ken will have something to say about that!

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