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Central Railway Station, Amsterdam

This is brilliant! Reinder sent us these pics from the the massive bicycle parking area at the Central Railway Station in Amsterdam.

At the Central Railway Station of Amsterdam, they created a gigantic parking space for bicycles – under water! It is decorated with maps, that give a diachronic impression of the growth of the city, in the course of time. The maps do not consist of pixels but … pictures. I do not know how to share this properly with you guys – but I do want to give it a try …



The links lead to news in Dutch, but maybe with Google translate or something like that you can get a clue

The first image shows the scale of the parking lot and you can see the map in the roof panel. The second image focusses in on a part of the map.

And then we can zoom in (thanks to Reinder’s photography) and see that the map is made yup of photographs with the same area highlighted.

And finally we can see the detail of the individual photographs

If you love #MapsintheWild then you have stand up and applaud the brilliance of this design. Hats off to the Amsterdam station designers.

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