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Great Polish Map of Scotland

3D? Lava?

Elliot Hartley sent us this giant 3D map of Scotland from his half term holiday travels.

“The Great Polish Map of Scotland is a large (50 m x 40 m) three-dimensional, outdoor concrete scale model of Scotland, located in the grounds of the Barony Castle Hotel, outside the village of Eddleston near Peebles in the Scottish Borders. It is also known as the Mapa Scotland (derived from Polish mapa Szkocji) or the Barony Map. The brainchild of Polish war veteran Jan Tomasik, it was built between 1974 and 1979 and is claimed to be the world’s largest terrain relief model. The sculpture is a category B listed building, and has been restored by a group calling itself Mapa Scotland.”


“The world’s largest terrain relief model” certainly qualifies as a map in the wild! Thank you Elliot

To put this in context here is a view from the sky (courtesy of Google)

And a little bit about how it was made

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