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Map Mecca – Stanfords 1

Last week my co-founder, Ken Field, was in London for the launch of his book Thematic Mapping at Stanfords. A triple opportunity, catch up with my pals and drink a couple of beers, talk about maps and his book and a special treat – visit Map Mecca (Stanfords).

Stanfords is an amazing book store for map geeks, thousands of maps, travel guides, globes and more. My thanks to Vivienne Godfrey for letting me have a wander and take a few pics which will follow in the next few days. If you are in London you must make a pilgrimage to our Map Mecca, if not you can shop at Stanfords online

I love a map on the floor, there’s something delightful about walking on a map. Stanfords has a super collection of floor maps on the lower floor.

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