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Andrew Newman drew my attention to the map themed cakes at the High Storrs school bake but he didn’t have any pics! Fortunately he put me in touch with the school and they sent some pics and the head of geography provided some extra context.

“The students are invited to bake a Geography themed cake (Years 7 +8) for the school open evening every year. Each year the visiting Year 6 parents vote for their favourite and the winner receives a prize! Normally an inflatable globe for them to take home. 

We usually have a wide range of cakes being curated and baked- this year we had a large amount of entries along the climate change theme! Some good map ones were the Bakerloo Tube line, Sheffield’s roads and rivers and the 7 hills of Sheffield with all of it’s famous landmarks baked in biscuits. 


You can’t not love a globe cake but I think my favourite is the continental biscuits at the back. I look forward to seeing what the kids bake next year.

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