Mapquest Cow

Mapquest Cow

Roger Payne sent us this Map Cow

“After your request for maps in the wild at Geomob here’s one. It’s an old photo from 2000 I had to scan from a print.
It was part of Cow Parade in New York, and happened to be the first Cow I came across, found a few more in the City but none others with maps. “

Here’s another map on a cow from the same event, this time it’s global coverage. A prize for the person who comes up with the best name for the projection of this one.

Well played Mapquest. I doubt we will see many more maps on cows but who knows?

2 thoughts to “Mapquest Cow”

  1. Hey that’s my Map Cow – I’m the artist for “Moo Are Here” – I was back in NYC to sell it through Christie’s Auction House – I think it now lives on a farm in Long Island. I was a Cartographer for what became Mapquest. Last map I painted is in Eleuthera. It’s a map of the island on canvas and it’s hanging at Camp Symonette – James Cistern.

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