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Mr Beck’s Diagram

Seen on the London Underground in December, this poster sits next to the regular Tube Map that we all know. It shows Harry Beck’s original “diagram” of 1933 and a preceding “geographic” map from 1908.

May not be quirky or wild but hey! I edit this thing so I get to choose something as iconic as this. Well played London Transport.

Gare Gale also spotted one of these posters and sent it to us, he said

“The first map I ever really used and comprehended. Sometimes it feels like TfL have forgotten the heritage behind Harry Beck’s seminal design as they rush to the next iteration of the tube map. So it’s lovely to see the history of the map recognised in a poster like this. 

Spotted on the Northern Line platform at Waterloo this morning.”

If you haven’t already got it, I can’t recommend enough Mr Beck’s Underground Map by Ken Garland

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