Trashure Hunt

TrashUre Hunt in #Scheveningen brings environmental problems to the attention of the public in an accessible, effective and fun way.  Litter is hunted with groups of children, teenagers and adults in various game forms 

Via Reinder Storm


Via Reinder Storm

“SPACE is a 90 meters long wall artwork that creates a new dimension of light & space at Eindhoven Central Station by using 3D lenses. It shows the impact of light on our planet and creates a place of wonder.”

Netherlands on a plate

This magnificent map of the Netherlands on a fine china plate came via Reinder Storm (of course). It is from a collection in the Rijksmuseum.

These plates reflect the period when the Netherlands and Belgium formed the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1830). The kingdom consisted of 17 provinces plus the grand duchy of Luxembourg. The gold decoration is in the neoclassical style. On the upper edge are the arms of each province in gold on the blue border; the arms of the United Kingdom are on the lower side. Today the Netherlands consists of 12 provinces.,30