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Reykjavík City Hall

Here is a contribution from Walter Schwartz visiting Iceland. Not a first timer on Maps in the Wild, but this huge map deserves more than one post.

The map specs:

  • 17 person years to build
  • 1 mm paper sheets on plywood
  • Rolls into a wall opening to store underneath the building entrance so its space can be used for events
    You can see the edge of the storage door in the top left of the last photo.
  • Approx. 33’ x 25’ (818 sf or 76 sq m)
  • Scale: 50,000:1 H, 25,000:1 V (e.g. mountain height is only exaggerated 200% relative to planar distance)
  • Each contour layer = 76.42’ (20 m)

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