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Sri Lankan Railways

Dan Ormsby sent us this schematic map

“A schematic map hanging in the signal box of a railway station in central Sri Lanka showing the lines, signalling equipment, engine sheds etc.  The signalling equipment is the original equipment installed by the British when the railways were build (around the 1860’s) .. and the map looks nearly as old!  I like the way that it is actually a black and white print, that somebody has coloured in with pencil to aid its interpretation – GIS the old fashioned way!  It, along with the signalling is a good step back in time to remind us of how the railways were once run in Britain without the use of digital tech – and still are in other parts of the world.  The train we got in Sri Lanka was itself 4 hours late – but the signal man let our kids kill half an hour changing the signals and the points.  Fortunately only a small handful of trains travel through there each day!”

Thanks Dan, glad the kids didn’t cause a railway disaster.

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