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Sydney Water Feature

Cisco Urbina sent us this superb water feature map

“Enjoying the fun and curiosity of Maps in the Wild and this place is a regular lunch time haunt.


The feature and surrounding commercial space is known as Darling Park. Built in the early 2000’s as part of the the redevelopment of former commercial docks, a trend we have seen all over the world.  The gardens were designed to showcase the flora from all corners of the globe. With the water feature at the centre of the garden.

It is open to the public but you need to know where to go to find it as it is invisible from the street.

Without reading the .prj file I assume a Azimuthal equal-area (polar) was used.

Love the detail in the map by trying to include the Islands of Mauritius and Reunion.

Will keep an out for other wild maps.


I love the geekiness of trying to determine the projection of a water feature! Well played Cisco 🙂

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