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The Map Room

We went to the Cabinet War Rooms yesterday (aka Churchill War Rooms) for a guided tour with our friend Mark who is a Blue Badge Guide. For those who didn’t know, Churchill loved a map and there are maps on the walls throughout the bunker, the Map Room is the centrepiece of the tour.

It’s not well lit in the CWR and all of the displays are behind glass, so the pics aren’t brilliant but they do offer a fascinating insight into the way large scale maps were used to provide a strategic overview of a war that raged across much of the globe.

The Cabinet Meeting room
Churchill sat in that wooden chair with the big map behind him and the heads of the three armed services sitting right in front of him
A spherical projection?
Tracking the convoys with old fashioned map pins
Battle lines
The German incursion into Russia (they got a heck of a long way!)
Map pins
Churchill’s bedroom
During and after the war Churchill played a big part in determining the geopolitical boundaries of the Middle East

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