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A bit of Mapping History on 412 Kent St, Sydney

Francisco Urbina sent us this magnificent street plan on a hoarding in  Sydney

‘This was on a construction hoarding down on Sussex Street in Sydney and is a Fire Underwriters’ Association of NSW, Plan of Sydney 1917 – 1939 from the City of Sydney Archives

It includes the Esri Australia building (you can leave this bit out if you want but it was interesting to me ;-p). Our building is made up of 412, 414, 416 and 418 Kent St. Actually the address today is 412 Kent St now.

You can see St John’s church on the Map, intact today and is now the Genesian Theatre next door to us.

It’s an interesting map as it is an underwriters risk map and it notes;

  • 412 as GoodEarls Ltd, Store for Calico Canvas and Ticking in Bales
  • 414 – 418 is BJ Ball Ltd and others
    • Bulk store for Paper, Paper Board, Metal Bearings, Hardware, Twine Nets , Tennis Court Marking Machines, *  for Haberdashery, soft goods, fancy goods, Assembly and Repair workshop for Printing Machines.

BTW you can still see BJ Ball Ltd signage on the side of the building above the Church today..”

What’s not to like about a massive detailed historic map on a hoarding? Nice one Cisco, keep them coming!


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