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Delft Station

Erik Meerburg of Geo Academie sent us this picture of the ceiling at Delft Station

Hi Steven and Ken,
It is a strange world… nobody showed you the ceiling at the Delft train station yet? It is a huge map of the city of Delft in the 19th century. And, of course, done in (Delft) blue :-). It is a part of the new combined train station and town hall, opening a few years ago. And it does feel good living in a city with a map like this one… 


Maybe it’s the photo but I’m struggling to see the “blue” but regardless of that this is a magnificent ceiling and I love the use of the Delft pottery style.

This could be the largest map that we have yet had sent to us (no doubt that will prompt some entries for the Largest Map in the Wild award)

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