The mystery of the Ordinance Survey mug

Back in the day there was a British mapping business called Multimap, founded by Audrey Mandela and Sean Phelan, they were doing maps long before Google or Yahoo got into the game. They were renowned for having great swag like this map.

Martin Daly took great pleasure in sharing the typo on the base of his mug (or was it a deliberate dig at the extensive licensing requirements for even a coffee mug?).

It will never not be funny to me that my @multimap (RIP) mug (rare-ish, 100% non-valuable, earned by presenting at their Innovation Week in 2007) refers to @OrdnanceSurvey as “Ordinance Survey”

Ken then shared his version of the mug with the errant “i” removed

“Different (later?) versions seemed to remove the “I” but left a rather odd gap”

And then John Fagan chipped in with a pic of his collection of mugs and teapots.

“I took a look at my pots.  I got 1 ordnance and 2 ordinance, I think these are newer releases and @kennethfield has a older (signed by) release.  @audreymandela @sean_phelan need to now chime in and tell us the story of the great typo fail”

I never got a Multimap mug – if anyone has one to spare (with or without the “i”) let me know.

Mappery is recruiting!

young ethnic woman pointing at camera
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Happy New Year

In 2020 we published 205 Maps in the Wild, that’s quite amazing and way beyond what we imagined might happen when we launched Mappery in September 2018.

For the last 18 months or so I have been running Mappery pretty much on my own and now I’m looking for a co-editor to help with running Mappery. Whats involved?

  • About 1 hour per week or 4 hours per month, can be at times that suit you
  • Some experience with WordPress would be useful but is not essential – it’s easy to learn
  • A sense of humour is essential as is a love of maps

This is a labour of love, we don’t have a business model, so no financial compensation just good geo-karma that will accrue.

Interested? Ping me on twitter or schedule a quick zoom to chat

Where’s Wyoming?

This one comes from the Harvard Map Collection, from the 1989 series of Garfield & Friends.

Garfield hosts a TV show where he makes things up and says they are true.

Garfield claims that the state of Wyoming does not exist. In 1789, Arbuckle Vespucci, famous explorer, was working on his map of the United States and left out Alaska and Hawaii, which his cat put on. There was also one gap left out, and there were no more pieces. So the cat wrote in “Wyoming”, which was Italian for “no state here”.!