Newport on the floor and on a t-shirt

According to Lauren Tierney this mat is in the shape of Newport, OR. I am going to have to take her word for it as I can’t see the resemblance.

Ditto for this t-shirt although I can recognise the shape of the mat above in the second block below. Why anyone would want this simple outline on a t-shirt is beyond me.

One thought to “Newport on the floor and on a t-shirt”

  1. Some details might have gotten lost crossing the Atlantic on this one.

    I would say that these maps were seen in Newport, Oregon. The doormat is shaped in the outline of Oregon and the pattern is the iconic PDX carpet of lore, complete with it’s own wikipedia entry,

    The t-shirt, probably seen on the Bayfront in Newport, is the outline of Washington, Oregon, and California. Why would anyone want a t-shirt of the best coast? That is a secret we keep to ourselves here and is one that was clearly missed by the editors of this site!

    While the focus on water boundaries (Salton Sea at the state level?) is interesting, it is possible that this t-shirt is merely propaganda from Nevada making a bold claim on Lake Tahoe,

    Merry Mapping

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