The world in Africa

Elizabeth spotted this t-shirt in Shoreditch designed by Kai Krause. It was only when I looked more carefully that I got what it was trying to show – Africa is massive, swallowing China, the US, India and several more countries!

The Mercator projection misleads us, Kai Krause puts us straight at a glance.  A demonstration of the power of quality infographics.  The narrative to be found on the interior panel of the shirt is as astonishing as the image.  This shirt also has a miniature on the image on the front of the shirt just under the neck at the back.  People astonished by the image on the front but perhaps too polite to ask for the explanation get the chance to surreptitiously kill their curiosity.  The details:   Area x 1000km squared :  Africa: 30,221  The rest: (USA: 9,629 China, 9,573 India, 3,287 Mexico 1,964, Peru 1,285 France, 633, Spain 506, Papua New Guinea 462, Sweden 441, Japan 378, Germany 357, Norway 324, Italy 301, New Zealand 270, United Kingdom 243, Nepal 147, Bangladesh 144, Greece 132) = 30,102

I’m not sure I agree with this blurb (see Ken’s view below) but I gotta get one of these …

And I did! I wore it yesterday at GeoMob where it got a lot of favourable comment but it also prompted Ken to reprimand me.

You should read Ken’s Cartonerd Blog to understand what is wrong with this map from a cartographic perspective. I know he is correct but if we are going to feature maps in the wild, many of which are inaccurate, distorted or misleading, then I think this one warrants inclusion.

Bogus map t-shirt

Dave Lovell, who is competing for the Maps in the Wild Contributor of the Year Award, sent us this map on a t-shirt from the D-Day Story museum (more to follow).

The ‘Bogus’ map being really ‘on the wild side’, names have been switched and it’s got the highest security rating apparently – Bigot.

According to the 90th Division Association:

BIGOT was a code word within a code word, a security classification beyond Top Secret. When planners adopted Neptune as the code word for the naval and amphibious aspects of the invasion, they realized that greater protection had to be given to any document or map that even hinted at the time and place of D-Day. They chose the odd code word BIGOT by reversing the letters of two words—To Gib—that had been stamped on the papers of officers going to Gibraltar for the invasion of North Africa in November 1942.

Contours on a t-shirt

“So this is the uphill bit?”

Paul Hardy sent us this contour map on a t-shirt

“I don’t know if this image qualifies – the location is certainly wild, being on the coast of Malta with the island in the background where St Paul was shipwrecked. The map was on the shirt of a fellow rambler on the same group walking holiday (on Christmas Day!). She didn’t know where in the world the contour topography was supposed to represent, and would like to know – any ideas?”

Map T-Shirts at FOSS4G 2017

Continuing the theme of Map T-Shirts. The nice people at Boundless had this great make your own map t-shirt of Boston activity by their booth at FOSS4G 2017 (which of course was in Boston). Lots of people chilled out while painting their personalised maps.

I had a go but since I am not a cartographer the results were rather more free form and painting by numbers than an effective map

No discernible cartographic styling or visual hierarchy in my over caffeinated t-shirt design

If you have a pic of a map t-shirt that you want to share send it to us

Derby match in CDMX

My son’s friend Isaac took us to the Mexico City derby game between Club America and Cruz Azul at the Azteca Stadium, that’s the one where Maradonna scored his sensational goal against England in the 1970 World Cup and “the hand of God” also intervened on his behalf.

After the game I realised that my first Map in the Wild was there on Isaac’s Club t-shirt.

For football fans, the Estado Azteca is huge (87,000 capacity) and was pretty full for this top of the table match between two local rivals. The football wasn’t great (0-0) but the passion was massive (everyone was searched on entry and belts are banned!) and they served beers and pizza in the seats.

I thought that I would publish this football related map in the wild on the day that Arsenal play Tottenham (2 Dec 2018, Arsenal 4 – Tottenham 2)